casino reviews

what are the casinos that will give you

the most bang for your buck in this

video I’ll show you my top five online

casinos for 2018 hey what is up guys

Nikita here and right now I’m going to

show you my five best overall online

casinos for 2018 so if you’re a casual

player like me or maybe a high roller

and you’re after casinos beyond just the

quick cash outs and great customer

support but also the ones with fun

gamification features and unique rewards

then this top five is for you for more

details on why and how I chose these

casinos see the description below there

you’ll also find links to the full

casino reviews on em video slots comm

with exclusive bonuses and more okay so

let’s start with the fifth best casino

for 2018 okay so at number five we have

Larry casino now ever since these guys

launched with the naughty Leisure Suit

Larry concept which players in their 30s

will find especially nostalgic they’ve

been at the top of their game and here

we’ll also be talking about the ball

bustling I gaming cloud platform which

actually powers the casino featuring all

kinds of fun gamification features which

are centered around the Larry’s world

concept this includes over a thousand

games from the industry’s top developers

progressive jackpots as well as live

dealers and like all feature casinos in

this video you can also expect quick

same-day cash out processing numerous

payment options and brilliant customer

support check out the full review to get

an exclusive free spins signup bonus to

give it a try moving on at number four

we have high roller and this is by far

one of the coolest kick-ass casinos

where you can be playing right now it’s

from the same balling group as Rizk guts

and thrills which also means this is the

place where you can get real money

bonuses without any wagering

requirements also be sure to check out

their crazy concept with high

and coins booty sting games

first-of-a-kind avatar customisation and

the whole fancy metro city concept and

rest assured you’ll be taking proper

care of as well that said they still

have much more in store for the coming

months again you’ll find a link to the

full cocina review in the description

below which also talks more about the

payment options and the fees as well as

cash out times at number three we have

Kazuma aka the friendliest online casino

what I really like about Kazuma is that

they have stayed true to who they are

and don’t change their bonuses or the

look at the site every full moon besides

having one of the most passionate

in-house customer support teams ever

there’s a whole lot of additional

benefits for the player than your

average casino you can join in on their

daily slot tourneys which they call real

races play and earn bonus money like

trophies and valuables and find

cherry-picked games from a long list of

providers like Nova Matic net end

williams you name it now they will be

adding one more surprise on top of all

of that any time now so that’s something

to look forward to as well so this is

really a no-brainer be sure to check it

out if you still haven’t the runner-up

award goes to Rizk these guys have been

around for more than a year now and have

never failed to surprise with the

original promotions and wager free

bonuses I’m talking about there we love

rizk the power bar level up rewards and

the new daily Rizk races they also have

a ton of games including an exclusive

live roulette table jackpot games a

lightning fast Lobby and a mobile app

and I haven’t even mentioned one of

their biggest draws which is a signup

bonus where you can win anything from

free spins to real cash and even a

jackpot all without having to make a

single deposit and if you’re Finnish and

you’re into sports like hockey or boxing

then Rizk has some pretty exclusive

promotions that you won’t find anywhere

else I’m also excited to see what new

features they’ll come up with in 2018

but so far it’s been pretty damn good

now the best overall online casino for

2018 is

slots million the site is hardly a

secret as it’s been around for ages but

what hasn’t changed is how well they

treat their players during the past year

they’ve also added at least two player

protection features offer free and fast

cash outs and have over 2000 different

slots and yes they finally added both

the RNG and life table games and

tournaments so there’s really nothing to

complain about it also happens to be the

first virtual reality online casino so

if you have the phone set or oculus rift

lying around but be sure to try it out

as they just redesigned it for more

detail and offer over 40 different VR

slots from top of the range developers

like net and quick spin and play and go

and that’s just a fraction of what you

get here see the full review or the

description below for more slots million

highlights and for how you can get an

exclusive ten free spins bonus on

registration if you want to give it a

try as well so here you have it these

are the best online casinos where you

can play with peace of mind and get more

bang for your buck in 2018 also there

are a couple of honorable mentions that

are well worth checking out as well

which I mentioned in the description

below hope you enjoyed this video be

sure to visit MV do slots com for more

casino and slots news and bonuses and

subscribe to the channel to see more

reviews like this thanks for watching

see you next time



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